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Lord of the Flies - Activity Pack
from Prestwick House
PWH200626 (Middle School, High School)
Fulfill state-mandated objectives and national guidelines AND spark student learning with Prestwick Activity Packs. Providing a wide variety of activities such as role-playing, completing maps and charts, comparing authors' styles, and drawing from an array of sources, Activity Packs give students, individually or in small groups, hands-on experience with abstract literary concepts, including the intricacies of theme, nuances of style and plot, and motivations of characters. The clear-cut directions, spirited interactions, and valuable payoffs add up to time well spent.
Grades: 7 - 12

Lord of the Flies - Vocabulary From Literature
from Prestwick House
PWH201667 (Middle School, High School)
Since entering the profession in the early sixties, I've heard the experts exhorting us to base a study of vocabulary on the literature read in the classroom. This is very easy to say, but almost impossible for a busy teacher to do. We, however, have just made it feasible by getting the groundwork out of the way. Designed to be used either as a vocabulary program or as an introduction or enhancement to literature study, Vocabulary from Literature is the best way to both improve literature study and boost vocabulary skills.
Grades: 7 - 12

Lord of the Flies - AP Teaching Unit
from Prestwick House
PWH302039 (High School)
You no longer have to choose between teaching the work or teaching to the test. Prestwick House Advanced Placement Teaching Units allow you to do both. Because we wanted the Prestwick House AP Teaching Units to meet the rigorous demands of the Advanced Placement class, we wrote detailed study guides that focus on the types of literary knowledge your students will have to demonstrate on their AP exams. With the test in mind, we created sharply focused multiple-choice and free-response focusing on those facets of literature that appear on the test each year items specific to each title that look and sound like AP questions.
Grades: 10 - 12

Lord of the Flies - Multiple Critical Perspectives
from Prestwick House
PWH301976 (High School)
Probe the depth and richness of your favorite titles and usher your students into an understanding of what really made us want to teach literature in the first place. Each guide offers clear and concise explanations of three different critical perspectives and provides class activities, discussion questions, and writing assignments to help you and your students examine the text from those views. Teach Macbeth from a feminist stance, discuss the use of archetype in The Scarlet Letter, and approach The Awakening from a Marxist position. You know you want to give your students more than simply plot, character, and theme, and now you finally can!
Grades: 9 - 12

Lord of the Flies - Response Journal
from Prestwick House
PWH200968 (Middle School, High School)
Think Outside the Book! By reflecting on what they've read, students develop new ideas and link these ideas to their lives. To facilitate this process, we offer reproducible Prestwick Response Journals in the tradition of the response-centered teaching movement. Each Journal offers prompts for every chapter in the book encouraging students to relate their life experiences with those of the characters within the book. Your students will get more out of their literature when they feel personally involved. Makes a great warm-up activity.
Grades: 7 - 12

Grammardog Guide to Lord of the Flies
from Grammardog.com
GMD0138 (Middle School, High School)
Grammar, Style, and Proofreading Exercises designed to teach grammar in context. These reproducible exercises use sentences from the literature. Each literary work is analyzed for 12 of the following 14 elements: parts of speech; proofreading (spelling, capitalization, punctuation); simple, compound, complex sentences; complements; phrases; verbals; clauses; passive/active voice; pronouns; figurative language; poetic devices; sensory imagery; allusions and symbols; humor; literary analysis. Includes Answer Key and Glossary of Literary Analysis Terms. All exercises are in multiple choice format. Grammardog Guides help students recognize the connection between language and meaning. By learning how to analyze grammar and style, students discover they can decode the meaning of literature on their own.
Grades: 6 - 12

Lord of the Flies Literature Guide
from Secondary Solutions
SSS0977229564 (High School)
Literature Guide for teaching Lord of the Flies; correlated to the NCTE and IRA Content Standards in English/Language Arts; includes author biography, historical context, vocabulary activities, literary analysis, comprehension questions, study guide, essay and writing ideas, pre-reading activities, extension activities, alternative assessment, quizzes, unit tests, and more - complete with answer key.
Grades: 9 - 12
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