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Rockin' the Rockpile Rockin' the Rockpile: The Buffalo Bills of the American Football League
Starting with the team's inaugural kickoff, this comprehensive guide offers a detailed history of the first 10 years of the Buffalo Bills football franchise. The Bills were founded in 1960 by Ralph Wilson, who still owns the team today.
Publisher: ECW Press
Product ID: ECW9781554907977 Grade(s): Staff Level(s): Staff Room ISBN: 9781554907977 Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

Rockin' the Rockpile Football for Fun!
These books will appeal to all sport and recreation enthusiasts! Each title describes the rules, equipment, and strategies of the game or activity. As a bonus, amazing records and stranger-than-fiction facts are woven into the text.
Publisher: Compass Point Books
Product ID: CPB9780756526955 Grade(s): 3 - 5 Level(s): Primary, Intermediate ISBN: 9780756526955 Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

The Ice Bowl The Ice Bowl: The Cold Truth About Football's Most Unforgettable Game
The day of the Ice Bowl game was so cold, the referees' whistles wouldn't work; so cold, the reporters' coffee froze in the press booth; so cold, fans built small fires in the concrete and metal stands; so cold, TV cables froze and photographers didn't dare touch the metal of their equipment; so cold, the game was as much about survival as it was about skill and strategy. On New Year's Eve, 1967, the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers met for a classic NFL championship game, played on a frozen field in sub-zero weather. The "Ice Bowl" challenged every skill of these two great teams. Here's the whole story, based on dozens of interviews with people who were there - on the field and off - told by author Ed Gruver with passion, suspense, wit, and accuracy.
Publisher: McBooks Press
Product ID: MCB9781590130803 Grade(s): Staff Level(s): Staff Room ISBN: 9781590134191 ISBN (Physical Book): 9781590130803 Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

Football ebook Football
In football, one big play can be the difference between winning and losing. Those are the moments when great teams and great players shine. This book highlights football's fearless leaders and most amazing games - from the overtime thriller that launched the modern NFL to the New York Giants' miracle 2008 Super Bowl win. You may never watch football the same way again! Lexile 730
Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing
Product ID: GAR9781433918636 Grade(s): 5 - 8 Level(s): Intermediate, Middle School ISBN: 9781433918636 Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

Football math Football Math (Second Edition)
Students tackle real-life math skills as they follow their favorite professional, college, or high school football teams. Problems are based on football statistics, stories, historical and current situations, and focus on the computation of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents. You will help students analyze home field advantage, compute salary averages, figure rushing records and yards gained, and compare coaching records. Answers provided.
Publisher: Good Year Books
Product ID: GYB1596470089 Grade(s): 4 - 8 Level(s): Intermediate, Middle School ISBN: 1596470089 Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

Football Thematic Unit Football Thematic Unit
This Thematic Unit is based on the following pieces of literature: Get That Girl Out of the Boys' Locker Room! by Elaine Moore and Catch That Pass! by Matt Christopher. This reproducible resource is filled with ready-to-use lessons and cross-curricular activities. Also included are management ideas, creative suggestions for the classroom, and a bibliography.
Publisher: Teacher Created Resources
Product ID: TCR3105 Grade(s): 3 - 5 Level(s): Intermediate ISBN: 9780743931052 Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

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