Literature Guides for Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt.

Across Five Aprils: LitPlan Teacher Pack
A foundation of materials for teaching a work of literature, LitPlan Teacher Packs™ from Teacher's Pet Publications have everything you need for a complete unit of study. Download, print, and teach. Developed and used by respected teaching professionals, these manuals incorporate the IRA/NCTE standards with practical, proven methods of teaching and assessing students' learning on a variety of levels. The straight-forward format of the manuals makes them useful for whole-class book study, lit circles or book groups, tutoring, and independent study projects. Includes study questions, quizzes, unit tests, daily lessons, vocabulary, writing assignments, activities and games, review materials, and more materials than you will be able to use in one unit - all organized, planned, and ready-to-teach.
Publisher: Teacher's Pet Publications
Product ID: TPP147D Grade(s): 5 - 7 Level(s): Intermediate, Middle School ISBN: 1583373470

Across Five Aprils: Puzzle Pack
Here's a whole manual full of puzzles, games, and worksheets related to the novel! It includes: 1 unit word list and clues, 4 unit fill in the blank worksheets, 4 unit multiple choice worksheets, 4 unit magic squares, 4 unit word searches, 4 unit crosswords, 32 unit bingo cards, 1 vocabulary word list and definitions, 4 vocab fill in the blank worksheets, 4 vocab matching worksheets, 4 vocab magic squares worksheets, 4 vocab word searches, 4 vocab crosswords, 4 vocab juggle letter review worksheets, 1 master set of vocab flash cards, 32 vocab bingo cards, and answer keys to all worksheets and puzzles. Unit words are character names, symbols, places, etc. Vocabulary words are chosen from the book and are the same words used in the LitPlan Teacher Pack. Great for review, reinforcement, substitute teachers, and more!
Publisher: Teacher's Pet Publications
Product ID: TPP147PP Grade(s): 5 - 7 Level(s): Intermediate, Middle School ISBN: 1583376011

Across Five Aprils - Activity Pack
Fulfill state-mandated objectives and national guidelines AND spark student learning with Prestwick Activity Packs. Providing a wide variety of activities such as role-playing, completing maps and charts, comparing authors' styles, and drawing from an array of sources, Activity Packs give students, individually or in small groups, hands-on experience with abstract literary concepts, including the intricacies of theme, nuances of style and plot, and motivations of characters. The clear-cut directions, spirited interactions, and valuable payoffs add up to time well spent.
Publisher: Prestwick House
Product ID: PWH301461 Grade(s): 7 - 12 Level(s): Middle School, High School ISBN: 9781603891851

Across Five Aprils - Teaching Unit
For the new teacher, Prestwick House's extensive line of title-specific Teaching Units may serve as a starting point. For the experienced teacher, the Unit may serve as a point of departure. Our aim is to save you time and energy while alleviating the frustration associated with teaching a new book. Each Unit identifies scholarly objectives and poses questions designed to develop mastery of those objectives. Our multiple-choice and essay tests are constructed to determine understanding of those objectives. Every unit includes brief introductory materials, a vocabulary list, questions for essay and discussion, a chapter-by-chapter study guide, and a multiple-choice and essay test.
Publisher: Prestwick House
Product ID: PWH201342 Grade(s): 7 - 12 Level(s): Middle School, High School ISBN: 9781603896894

Across Five Aprils - Response Journal
Think Outside the Book! By reflecting on what they've read, students develop new ideas and link these ideas to their lives. To facilitate this process, we offer reproducible Prestwick Response Journals in the tradition of the response-centered teaching movement. Each Journal offers prompts for every chapter in the book encouraging students to relate their life experiences with those of the characters within the book. Your students will get more out of their literature when they feel personally involved. Makes a great warm-up activity.
Publisher: Prestwick House
Product ID: PWH201706 Grade(s): 7 - 12 Level(s): Middle School, High School ISBN: 9781603894975
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