Christian Educational eBooks and Bible Story Teaching Materials

Bible Story Bulletin Boards
from Carson-Dellosa Publishing
CSD204003EB (Primary)
ISBN: 9781604183245
Bulletin board ideas with creative ways to involve children in the display and Bible story lesson. Children interact with the displays by writing and drawing, performing matching activities, solving puzzles and riddles, breaking codes, and more! Patterns, easy instructions, a mini-lesson with Scripture reference, and a key memory verse is also included with each bulletin board idea.
Grades: K - 3

Bible Story Puzzles (Grades 1-3)
from Carson-Dellosa Publishing
CSD2023EB (Primary)
ISBN: 9781604184679
Fun puzzles about well-known Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. Each puzzle page contains a scripture reference and an insightful mini-lesson that focuses on Gods goodness. Perfect for parents, home educators, Sunday school and Christian school teachers.
Grades: 1 - 3

Christian Readers Theater
from Carson-Dellosa Publishing
CSD204004EB (Primary, Intermediate)
ISBN: 9781604183252
Using a dramatic play approach, students become the characters from Scripture. Each play supports the theme God is with us, and each script includes varied reading levels, related Scripture reference, key background information, follow-up activities, and comprehension questions.
Grades: 2 - 5

Growing in Grace Bulletins (Grades 2-5)
from Carson-Dellosa Publishing
CSD204027EB (Primary, Intermediate)
ISBN: 9781604184563
For children to enjoy during church with a unique four-page, faith-building bulletin for every week of the calendar year. Cover key Old and New Testament stories and themes with secret code, maze, hidden picture, and other puzzle activities designed to increase children's knowledge of God's Word. Also includes tips and inspirational prompts to encourage teachers in their ministries.
Grades: 2 - 5

Scripture Adventures!
from Carson-Dellosa Publishing
CSD204025EB (Primary)
ISBN: 9781604184532
Impress young hearts with the power of God's Word through these 120 interactive ways to memorize 24 Bible verses. Scripture selections focus on action verses for Christian living, but also cover salvation, the great commission, God's promises, and the awesome goodness of God!
Grades: K - 2

Today Is the Day! (Grades 4-6)
from Carson-Dellosa Publishing
CSD204013EB (Intermediate, Middle School)
ISBN: 9781604183337
Teach children the importance of daily devotions with 180 story devotionals, lessons children can apply to their own lives, and related Bible verses.
Grades: 4 - 6

Taking Godly Care of My Body
from Carson-Dellosa Publishing
CSD204008EB (Primary, Intermediate)
ISBN: 9781604183283
Providing Scripture-based information for educators and fun projects for students, to help children establish a lifelong path of treating their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. Engaging activities and discussion questions, plus enlightening media-literacy projects are also included.
Grades: 2 - 5
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