On Friday, February 29th we will be celebrating Leap Year with an amazing sale at Keybookshop.com. Just enter and activate coupon code:


in your shopping cart to receive an additional 10% off your entire order.

In addition to saving an extra 10%:

1) Our standard  5% off all products is still in place so with the coupon code you will actually be receiving 15% off regular retail prices.

2) If you use the coupon code, our sale items will also be discounted an extra 10% - see our sale items at:


3) You can use the code as many times as you want.

4) You can share the code with friends and colleagues.

5) All purchases count towards our Rewards Program which credits you back 5% of all spent each month (in the form of a digital coupon in your shopping cart).

Please note that the coupon code is active now but will not work after 12:01 a.m. MST on Saturday, March 1st, 2008.

Thank you for shopping at Keybookshop.com - we appreciate your business.
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